Posted on Mar 10, 2020 by Lauren Kozak

LinkedIn: One of Your Best Marketing Bets

With over 600 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is an invaluable tool of B2B marketing. As much as you use other social media sites like Facebook or Instagram in your personal life, nothing quite equates to the varied features and business-specific environment of LinkedIn.  At KTC Marketing and PR, we can help your business navigate the complex ecosystem of LinkedIn to help you achieve your goals. While our custom strategy will find the best aspects of LinkedIn for you, here is an overview of the many facets of LinkedIn.

Profiles and Networking

Your LinkedIn profile is a resume, portfolio, and cover letter, all mixed with your Facebook profile. Use your profile to show off your achievements and network with colleagues, potential clients, or employers- the more connections you have the better.  You can find almost any digitally savvy worker on LinkedIn, and even search to find people with specific companies or positions. On LinkedIn, there is no cultural requirement for people to know one another in real life to be connected, so feel free to send requests to expand your network.


Now, most social networks center around their newsfeed; when you log into Facebook or Instagram, scrolling down your feed is the main action. On LinkedIn, use of the feed is much more limited- it's one of many activities users come to the site for. The feed is a mix of posts for individual users and from businesses via their Company Pages. You can like, comment, and share in addition to posting your own content-all of which are a great way to increase awareness of your business or establish your own expertise.

Company Pages

Companies have their own special kind of profile on LinkedIn, called a Company Page. On these pages, you can post general info about your company, post content to the newsfeed, and get analytics on your content and audience. Your employees can also associate their positions on their profile with your company so that they show up in a list of all your company's employees. Browsing this employee list can be a great way to identify prospects.

Paid Advertising

LinkedIn's advertising options are jaw-dropping for any B2B marketer. You can specifically target various placements and types of creative. Targeting options include company, seniority, job title, age, years’ experience, skills, groups, geography, industry, and more. You can even upload your prospects list, reaching them and their lookalikes. While CPMs are higher than on B2C social networks, the precise professional targeting is priceless.


LinkedIn's messaging system allows you to contact the users you need even when you don't have their email addresses. With a premium LinkedIn account (which runs about $20/ month depending on your plan), you can send unlimited messages, which is clearly useful for lead generation and networking.

Job Search

LinkedIn is a great place for finding a job or employee. Their job listings can attract slews of candidates, many qualified though there is always some sorting needed. You can also search for and apply for a new position., and follow your dream company. The messaging functionalities allow you to contact hiring managers and recruiters too.

Groups and Knowledge

Beyond these basic features, LinkedIn has many other areas. Their LinkedIn Learning section has educational videos, online courses, and certifications so you can up-level your skills. SlideShare allows you to share presentations to establish your own thought leadership or find the information you need from others.  Groups bring people with similar interests together for networking and discussion forums.  

The more you use LinkedIn, the more it will enhance your company and your career. contact KTC today for a custom, comprehensive look at her LinkedIn can work for you.

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