• CRM & Marketing Automation

Our Funnel Strategies Are Built on Analytics

Every modern organization uses CRM, marketing automation, nurture programs, and performance analytics to track campaign results and sales activity. KTC brings over 10 years of Salesforce expertise, along with deep understanding of popular marketing automation solutions.

Our programs are fully integrated with digital and off-line campaigns, and are executed within the website with landing pages that work, tracking that tells no lies, and analytics about actual customer behavior.

Using analytics, and agile marketing motions, we build campaigns, test and adjust to get the most value of each marketing or sales activity to ensure productivity, accuracy of campaigns, profitable results.
  • Salesforce
  • Marketing automation
  • Landing pages
  • Campaign development including email, social ads, SEO/SEM, events, speaking, and website
  • Funnel development
  • Nurture strategies

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